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Congratulations on your Engagement!

We would be delighted to help you design your dream cake!

*Remember you must have your wedding date and venue booked before we can meet with you*

Please remember that consultations are only for those looking to have a tiered cake made that serves at least 100 guests. Those that wish to have small cutting cakes with kitchen cakes or that do not wish to serve at least 100 guests with their tiered cake should refer to our occasion cake section for ordering. Reception venues must be indoors and have A/C in order to be delivered. If you are unsure if your venue is within our delivery radius (we primarily serve the downtown and immediate surrounding areas) please call us (440-331-2950) or email our team to inquire (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) before booking an appointment

 There is a $20 cost due at the consultation for the sample box that is taken home for non-package couples. If you do book your wedding with us then that cost will be applied to the final balance of your cake.


When submitting your appointment below you must include in the comments:

  1. Your Fiance's Name
  2. Your venue
  3. Your wedding date
  4. The number of guests you anticipate at the reception

WFB is subect to canceling any appointment booked that does not meet our delivery requirements or are out of our delivery range. Any ineligible weddings will notified via email.


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