Occasion Cakes

How do I order a cake?

We accept cake orders in person, by phone (440-331-2950) or email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). We require a weeks notice for orders placed *Order cut off times vary depending on the time of year, it is always better to place an order early if you are ready so the date does not sell out. Generally from April through September the miminum order time is 1 week. As of 5/20/21 current order time for custom orders is 3 weeks*. Fondant or sculpted cakes require 1 month notice. Tuesday cake orders are not available for pick up until after 2 p.m. (more detailed orders until after 3 p.m.) Orders over $100 require a 50% deposit before the order can proceed.

IMG 3175What size cakes do you offer?

We offer round, square and sheet cakes in a variety of sizes. Check out our cake diagram to see how they are constructed! 

When is the latest I can make changes to my order?

Any changes made to the order (size, flavors, fillings, design, message, etc.) must be in by the Saturday prior to the order date.

Do I need to put down a deposit?

For pick up (occasion) cakes a 50% deposit is required for all orders over $100 and is due by the Saturday prior to pick up.

Do you make cupcakes?

Our cupcakes are available daily in our front case in vanilla or chocolate, as well as a flavored/filled cupcake that changes weekly. Cupcakes can be customed ordered and start at $2.50 each for unfilled, and $2.75 for filled or flavored cupcakes, and $3.00 for filled & flavored varieties. Cupcakes are available in the majority of cake flavors we offer (cassata is not available in cupcakes). Custom cupcake orders require the same notice as cake orders. More information can be found on the cupcake page.

Is there an additional decorating charge?

Not always, basic decorations such as filigree (scrollwork) or polka dots would be examples of designs included in your cake price. Custom-designed cakes do incur a design charge. Additional design charges may apply and would vary according to the complexity and decorating time required. Decorative elements such as illustrations, color-matching, painting, detailed piping, metallics, carving and fondant work are time-consuming and therefore incur an additional charge.

Will you copy Mickey Mouse®, Snoopy®, Dora®, Elmo®, Thomas the Train®, or any copyrighted character on to my cake?

IMG 0727

No! All of these types of characters are protected under copyright law, which we will NOT break. We look for creative solutions in which we often draw background scenes, default to a more general theme or reference colors and style instead. You will notice in our portfolio that we feature cakes that feature copyrighted logos and/or characters on them. In these instances we received written permission from their respective corporations to reproduce their likeness. We invite you to contact whomever owns the image you wish to use, and if they give you written permission then we will gladly put the image(s) on the cake!

What about 2 and 3 tiered cakes?

Our smallest serves 25, but can be constructed to serve 75+. They are perfect for intimate weddings and other special celebrations. We do not deliver 2-3 tiered cakes-they are stacked yet very stable and safe to transport in your vehicle.  Depending on the size, they may not come boxed. We will provide non-skid to place under the cake so it does not shift in transit! Never place cakes on car seats, rather arrange them on flat surfaces in your car so they will not slide.