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What You Need to Know About Fondant


What is Fondant?

Fondant is a sugar product that unlike icing, can be rolled, shaped or cut to cover and decorate cakes. Many cakes featured on TV and on sites like Pinterest© show cakes that are decorated with fondant. But how do you know if a cake utilizes fondant? See the comparisons below to learn the difference between the look of icing and fondant, as well as the cost differences.

Do I have to use fondant to decorate a cake?

Absolutely not! Our signature icing can be smoothed to an almost fondant like finish, and our skilled decorators can mimic designs. If you have any questions about whether a design can be translated from fondant to icing, please contact us.


  • Icing & Fondant Decorations

    Icing, Fondant Stripes, Fondant Bow, Icing Ball Border Order Time: 3-4 Weeks Example Cost: $80
  • Fondant Covered & Fondant Decorations

    Fondant Iced, Fondant Stripes, Fondant Bow, Fondant Ball Border Order Time: 3-4 Weeks Example Cost: $110
  • Icing & Satin Ribbon Decorations

    Icing, Ribbon Stripes, Ribbon Bow, Icing Ball Border Order Time: 1 week Example Cost: $20
  • Fondant Covered & Fondant Decorations Close Up

  • Icing & Fondant Decorations Close Up

  • Icing & Satin Ribbon Decorations Close Up

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